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Warm greetings from the University of Three Generations (U-3G)!

I heartily welcome you to U-3G, U-3G is a unique university concept that brings together three generations: youth, working professionals, and retired senior citizens. Its goal is to bridge the generation gap and empower all stakeholders to lead and transform society. U-3G promotes collaboration, partnerships, and development through public-private-people partnerships (4Ps). The university encourages knowledge sharing among its members, allowing adults to share their expertise and life experiences with working professionals and youths for career development. Seniors actively engage with younger generations, providing guidance and support for start-up businesses and fostering networking opportunities.

Everybody in U-3G shares knowledge from the others. The adults in U-3G can share their expertise, knowledge and their successful as well as failure life experiences to the professionally talented working men and women along with the energetic thriving youths for their career development. The seniors collaborate with, support, co-operate and integrate with the juniors and develop their network with the younger generations, and provide proper guidelines for their start-up business.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of children, youth, and adults through intergenerational collaboration, national policies, and programs for all generations.

Our Vision

A Nation that values and engages all generations

Our Strategic Goal

To empower and involve the unified generations to lead and transform the society.