Message From Chairperson

Warm greetings from the University of Three Generations (U-3G)!

I heartily welcome you to U-3G, a new concept of university that brings all three generations- youths, working men and women, and retired groups of senior citizens together to mitigate the generation gap, empower and involve them for leading and transforming the society.U-3G aims to promote, foster, and encourage all the stakeholders for the collaboration, partnership, alliances, and development based on 4Ps modalities – public-private-people partnerships.

Everybody in U-3G shares knowledge from the others. The adults in U-3G can share their expertise, knowledge and their successful as well as failure life experiences to the professionally talented working men and women along with the energetic thriving youths for their career development. The seniorscollaborate with, support, co-operate and integrate with the juniors and develop their network with the younger generations, and provide proper guidelines for their start-up business……..


— Our Vision

A Nation that values and engages all generations


—Our Mission

To improve the lives of children, youth, and adults through intergenerational collaboration, natioanl policies, and programs for all generations


— Our Strategic Goal

To empower and involve the unified generations to lead and transform the society

Our Values


— Collaboration

To invest in the power of working together with members of various professions, backgrounds and identities to maintain a mutual respect and shared values.


— Continuous Learning

To commit to continuous learning, education and knowledge-sharing across generations, and to create ethical educational situations based on truth.


— Respect For Diversity, Equity & Equality

To value and embrace the multiple identities we all hold, and to treat everyone in a fair and equal manner.


— Innovation

To identify and push for creativity and innovative thinking at all levels of the organizations.


— Integrity

To be honest, ethical and truthful all the way regardless of circumstances, to keep our word, deliver on our promises, and acknowledge our mistakes.


— Accountability

To be reliable and responsible to each other – to the people and partnerships within and outside the network- and to follow through the promises we make and respect each other’s time and efforts. 

Target Groups


Who can share their experience and guide working men and women and youth

Working Men and Women

Who are professionally talented and want to contribute to the society.


Who are energetic, have new ideas and techniques and require strategic direction and guidance to get access to opportunities and find meaningful ways to contribute to society as valued human beings.

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